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  • People: we value people we work with;

  • Expertise: we privilege the knowledge and the information upgrade;

  • Commitment: we appreciate and value the commitment in our daily work;

  • Innovation: we seek and value innovative ideas that allow us to improve our performance and efficiency;

  • Accuracy: the performed tasks are realized with all the precision and professionalism.

Match Profiler - Sobre Nós


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Match Profiler is an Information Systems consultancy company acting since 1999 in national and international markets. Endowed with multidisciplinary expertise and know-how in the IT area, allowing to contribute, optimize and prosper alongside its customers.

Currently present in more than 30 national and international leading companies, we are an enterprise with technological capabilities directed towards the development, implementation and maintenance of global solutions for our customers.


Our MISSION is to offer unmatched simplicity, flexibility and reliability to the most demanding and critical projects in any business environment, using high technology, knowledge and agility.

It’s also our ambition to give continuity to the relationships and partnerships, thus promoting the business reputation in the market.


  • Systematically satisfying our Clients, meeting their demands, relative both to the supplied products and the executed services, because only satisfied Clients ensure that the company exists;
  • Guaranteeing a high level of expertise of all our collaborators and an environment that favours their commitment, their technical development and an excellent performance in their relationship with the Client;
  • Continuously improving our operational efficiency, not only by adequately reacting to faults, but also anticipating potential problems;
  • Complying with the necessary legal requisites or any other related to Quality Management in the company;
  • Educating, raising awareness and training our collaborators and other interested partners regarding the relevant aspects of Quality;
  • Promoting management by objectives and continuously monitoring indicators to increase performance.


Match Profiler - Outsourcing

We have highly qualified and specialized professionals, which allows us to guarantee an excellent service in implementing your projects while allowing the customer to have a greater focus on its core business.


Often the best solution is the development of application systems, adapted to the client´s needs.

Match Profiler - AGILE LIFECYCLE

Building a good software is a challenge. At Match Profiler we take challenges head-on. We invest in knowledge, in new technologies and above all in people. Good planning goes hand to hand with good execution. We follow the Agile Methodology, putting the focus on teams with a common objective: to achieve a shared business goal.

Our main expertise area is the development of enterprise and mission critical software based on Microsoft .NET technology stack. Mobile development and Open Source Portals are part of our portfolio through our affiliated company Ankix.


Match Profiler - R&D

For us innovation means exploring new frontiers and remain open to change. We adapt to new processes and new technologies that might have meaningful impact on our current and future customers. We elect 3 sectors as being the main innovation and growth drivers in the next years: IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning.

IoT is the sum of cheap sensors, cheap computing power, low cost networks and clouds. At Match Profiler we are participating with international partners in key projects that leverage the technical benefits of IoT for the industrial and medical sectors.

Big Data doesn´t mean big companies, it means big opportunities. The challenge is to discover meaningful information hidden in layers of complexity and noise.

Machine Learning techniques are tools that enable the discovery of patterns and trends in conditions where human analysis would be impossible. We are making a thorough investment in human capital and skills gathering to be prepared for challenges. We are actively developing projects under the EU 2020 framework targeted at the development of social datamining tools.

Match Profiler - Consilium

Consilium is an advanced solution that allows organizations to manage their general assembly of shareholders events through all their life cycle.

Composed by back-office, e-voting and on-site voting management, automatic creation of contents to be presented in the assembly, the application it's a highly scalable and multi-featured system.2

  • Ease of scrutiny
  • On time information


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Match Profiler - On Time Portal

On Time Portal is a focused web solution for the control and attendance management / absences of employees. This application is a fundamental tool for the decision making process and for employees management.

This solution was developed to provide to different organizations a tool that allows the attendance / absences (holidays or absences) management, ensuring an efficient planning of work and involved employees.


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Match Profiler - meetingPoint

MeetingPoint provides a unique user experience for managing and booking rooms, meeting scheduling and audiovisual resources management.

Through an elegant and functional interface, our clients can manage rooms and resources in multiple locations, across multiple time zones, from any LAN access point, via browser, touchscreen or Outlook.

With MeetingPoint you just have to search a room, register the meeting, invite participants and schedule it. The process is easy and fast, after booking you will receive a notification in your mailbox and any alterations that might occurs. It also allows to allocate the use to certain cost centers, once the daily rhythm can be difficult to confirm schedules, check the details to ensure that everything is ready for an important meeting.


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OnTime Optimizer - Industrial Tools and Optimization

OnTime Optimizer is a tool based on 3 modules that can be used independently or as part of an extended study. At the base, a calculation engine associated with a graphical modeling tool, allows you to express the physical and logical processes that govern a problem. The introduction of sensors allows to extend the concept, extending the platform to monitoring directly or indirectly by sensors software.


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Match Profiler - Syndicater Loans Facilities

Syndicater Facilities and Loans is a credit solution targeted to investment bank, which covers all bank loans life cycle, since the register of entities and contract, passing through communication to actors, including also the liquidation and movements accounting.

Operations can vary between direct credits or syndicates, for short or long term, with regular operations or current accounts. This application executes all the cross participation management, keeping the strands of agency and account.


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Match Profiler - Syndicater Commercial Paper

Syndicater Commercial Paper is a commercial paper management solution targeted for the investment bank that handles all the life cycle of titles of this nature, since the register of entities and contract, passing by communication to actors and including the liquidation and accounting of movements.

Included operations may vary between direct, indirect or auction subscriptions and where the drive ok taken actions is possible. The application performs all the management of all cross participations, keeping the strands of agency and account.


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Syndicater Billing

Syndicater Billing is a billing solution, oriented to bank sector and covers the entire lifecycle of commissions, sales and services - entities registration and periodic commissions, communication to stakeholders and accounting according to the bank accounting plan.

This solution allows a billing system for the various companies of the group in a centralized manner, control of values in debt and sending information to the SAFT system.


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We rely on your experience as a customer to enhance your products and meet your requirements.

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