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IT Custom Services


Our rigorous and proven work methods require a joint analysis of the clients' needs, continuously monitoring the performance assessment, and controlling objectives and metrics, to deliver a higher quality service.

  •   We develop tailored solutions
  •   We design and automate processes
  •   We create, design and implement solution
  •   We develop, integrate and modernize applications
  •   We use Agile Methodology, placing the focus on teams with a common goal: reaching a shared business objective

Our objective is developing technologically innovative solutions to support Clients in the effective management of their businesses.



An advanced solution giving organizations management and control over the life cycle of a general shareholders meeting.

It consists of a back-office, electronic and attendance voting management, automatic creation of content to be presented at the meeting, thus being a multi-layered application, simple and easily scalable.

  •   Easily scrutinized
  •   Real-time information

      Ontime Portal

A web solution geared towards controlling and managing the collaborators' attendance/absence. Equipped with configuration capacities, this portal is positioned as an essential tool to assist in decision making and collaborator management.

This solution was developed to empower several organizations with a tool that allows the management of attendance/absence (i.e. vacation time or absence), guaranteeing an efficient planning of work and collaborators.

      Ontime Task Manager

An integrated and centralized solution for project management allowing management of resources allocated to projects. This software enables distributing and assigning tasks, controlling and allocating costs, and time-tracking by task, project, ticket and resource.

Meeting Point

Provides a single user experience for managing and booking rooms, scheduling meetings and managing audio-visual resources.

Through an elegant and functional interface, you can manage spaces and resources in multiple locations, in different time zones, on any access point of a LAN, via browser, touchscreen or Outlook.

Simply search for a room, register the meeting, invite the participants and schedule it. In your inbox, you will receive booking reservations and any changes that may occur. It also lets you assign the occupation to a cost centre, since our daily pace sometimes makes it difficult to confirm schedules, check details and make sure everything is set for an important meeting.


Web & Mobile

The future is mobile and we're already there. We're increasingly aimed at creating applications that go beyond our clients' expectations, developing innovative solutions for any need. It doesn't matter if your need is for Tablets or Smartphones, we'll always deliver the best experience in any device and meet your goals to automate, communicate and capture your target-audience.

Institutional Websites

Static or dynamic virtual webpages, aimed mainly at promoting the company, being a business card to the virtual world and an entrance door to good business.

Commercial Portals

  •   Enables online transactions of various natures;
  •   Enables selling products and services online;
  •   It's biggest example is in e-commerce since it focuses mainly on buying and selling operations.

Technologies: .NET ● Xamarin ● iOS ● Android ● Phalcon ● Laravel Angular JS ● PHP